The Social Business

How can social businesses manage the bridge between commercial profitability and social efficacy?

Project Lead | Glasgow School of Art
Client | Unity Enterprise
Responsible for | Stakeholder Analysis, User Research, Business Analysis, Illustration
Project type | Bachelor project


Design responds increasingly to the changing shape and needs of society. Engaging with organisations in the social business is key to understanding the development of future business models and the opportunities for designers in this field. A social enterprise is a business with primarily social objectives with the need to make profit for the benefit of the community. To achieve these goals, social enterprises have to balance their activities between the market, the state and the community and manage the bridge between commercial profitability and social efficacy.


The third sector


The social enterprise sector in Scotland is growing. At the same time, businesses in the private sector are taking an interest in social activities through engaging with corporate social responsibility. A convergence between the two parties is emerging and raises the question of competitiveness in the marketplace. This leads to the hypothesis that future sustainable success may only be guaranteed when both social enterprise and public sector businesses increase collaborations, through which each of them can benefit from the experience and position of the other. Social franchise has developed as a possible means of improving this and creating new opportunities for social enterprises, businesses and the society.