Smart Textiles in Health Care

How can intelligent biomedical clothes and wearable ambulatory health-monitoring systems, both at home and in hospital, enable a more pleasant monitoring experience?

Project Lead | ENSCI Les Ateliers Paris
Client | Cityzen Paris
Responsible for | Project Management, User Interviews, Customer Journey, Concept Creation, Customer Touchpoint Design, Storyboarding, Video Prototype
Project type | Long-term project


The population is getting progressively older and with it the need for higher quality and better efficiency in health and medicine is becoming more important. Portable heart-monitoring electrocardiograms (ECGs) require direct skin contact and a sticky layer of gel to help conduct electrical signals – especially for long-term monitoring.

We created a new monitoring service system with the aim to integrate monitoring healthcare into the daily life. The technology of the electrocardiogram (ECG) device is becoming an invisible and non distractive part of the textiles we are wearing.

Service System
According to the consultation of the doctor the electrodes are printed on a shirt. During use the patients health card records important health information. The doctor then analyses the data. After use the electrodes are taken off and the shirt is recycled for new use.


Smart textile
The shirt measures the heart rate and electrical muscle activity and allows longer cardiac analysis that can provide better medical results through more precise measurements (7-day ECG). This enables to give better diagnosis and detect deviation of the heart rhythm in an early stage to prevent heart attacks.


The shirt uses capacitive bioelectric sensors instead of electrodes and enables to measure over small distances and therefore through clothing (tech. developed by UCSD researchers).




This project was in collaboration with CityZen and ENSCI Les Ateliers Paris.