Make Move

How can we promote and sustain health enhancing movement in vocational schools?

Project Lead | German Sports University, Sedes Research
Client | Land NRW, Rhein Energie Stiftung
Responsible for | Project Management, Actors Map, User Interviews, Customer Profiles, Design Probes, Typologies, Customer Journey, Co-creation Workshop, Illustration
Project type | Research project


The project’s objective was to develop a best practice model for vocational schools in order to support young adults in being more active in their daily lives, as they are predominantly being educated in sedentary work (e.g. office work). We applied and evaluated two research approaches in the creation process: A top-down approach in which the conceptual creation and integration of content was realised by an interdisciplinary team of sports and health scientists, engineers, designers and teachers. And a bottom-up approach in which the conceptual design of the same content was developed in the framework of project work (co-creation) guided by the team.

Based on the insights the team developed a concept for real life interventions and set up a best practice website to guide teachers and school principals:

Service Design tools and methods were used to understand the behaviour of the target group. Ideas were co-created in a two-days workshop using design games and creative techniques.


Actors Map



Actors Diagramm

Kreuzdiagramm Typen


Customer ProfileTypisierung-03

Customer Journey


Bewegungs journey map_Huerdenlaeuferin