Workshop | Future of Work

How do we want to work in the future?

Project Lead | Prof. Andreas Muxel
Client | Generation Y
Responsible for | Workshop Planning and Organisation, Trend Research, Workshop Tools: Brainstorm, Design Game ‘Mixer’, Trend Cards, Persona Profiles, Journey Scenarios
Project type | Master project


The objective was to take a look into future opportunities as how work needs to transform to create a more healthy work experience that prevents negative stress. To get an understanding of the wants and desires of the future workforce I conducted a workshop with sixteen young professionals from the ‘Generation Y’.

Phase 1: Identifying stress insights
Phase 2: Co-creating a quantity of ideas
Phase 3: Focus on quality of ideas
Phase 4: Rating and synthesisCreation-Phase-Process

Brainstorm2014-03-28 15.52.58

IdeationP1170095 P1170103

Persona Profiles
Workers typology_Seite_1

P1170137Workers typology_Seite_2

Workers typology_Seite_3

Journey Scenarios2014-03-27 15.43.29_cc