Design by Numbers

How can we visualise research data in a comprehensive and appealing way?

Project Lead | Prof. Björn Bartholdy
Client | SuperRTL
Responsible for | Project Management, Idea Workshop, Storyboarding, Audio-visual Editing
Project type | Mid-term project

The objective of this project was to translate a large set of nuumbers from the research department of SuperRTL into a visual language. With the aim to make business partner from marketing and advertisement understand how children of today think and behave.

For the German television company SuperRTL we designed three clips that provide an insight into a childs everyday life. We have chosen a style that expresses the statistics and numbers of the survey in an emotional and playful way and points out the quintessence of the survey. Away from a digital and plastic look the clips were produced in an analog way in the style of a pop up book.