Coffee and furniture, two different philosophies?

Project Lead | WDR Television
Client | wohn-bar
Responsible for | Concept-writing, Organisation, Location spotting, Timetabling, Equipment, Camera operator, Lighting set-up, Video- and audio editing and post-production
Project type | Final project

The short film responds to the design aspect of the topic of ‘living‘. It informs the viewer about the concept of the wohn-bar in Cologne. It is a place where a coffee bar blends seamlessly together with a furniture store. For people who do not want mass-production, the wohn-bar offers them the possibility of finding special and individual pieces of furniture and accessories from the past right up until the present.

The target group is young people, individualists, collectors and aficionados. It was shot to fit into a programme about culture and design, for example Chic at ARTE or the Late Review on BBC.