Ageing China

How can we enable mobility of the elderly in China?

Project Lead | Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Client | County Hong Kong
Responsible for | Shadowing, User Interviews, Typologies, Customer Journey, Touchpoint Design, Storyboarding, Video Prototype
Project type | Research project


Hong Kong`s and China`s population is aging. That means that more service systems will be necessary to support the elderly, not only in terms of healthcare, but also in terms of recreation and financial stability.

The six-weeks research workshop with students from China, the Netherlands and Germany took place at Poly U Hong Kong. Living and working in Hong Kong gave me great insights into an extremely diverse culture. During our research tour in mainland China (Pearl River Delta) we visited old people`s homes in Fengcheng and a university for elderly and had the opportunity to interview and shadow the elderly in their living enviroments. In contrast, Hong Kong`s population lives crowded together in tiny flats. That means that life takes place outside. Playing games, taking part in sporting activities or travelling around China are the favourite passtimes of people in China and Hong Kong.

In our extensive research we discovered that the elderly in China like to travel during their retirement. Taking into account the needs of the elderly, we came up with different concepts of services and products. Ultimately we focused on one touchpoint along their travel journey and designed a multifunctional suitcase.






Final Concept