Sound Service

How can the audible service at train stations be more perceivable, helpful and enjoyable?

Project Lead | Prof. Birgit Mager
Client | DB
Responsible for | Project Management, User Interviews, Customer Journey, Customer Touchpoint Design, Sound Design
Project type | Intermediate Bachelor project


As a service provider, the German Train (DB) has the function to inform, guide, transport and taking care of the passengers. The auditive service plays an important role in it. Announcements in the train station, on the platform and in the train itself give information about the current journey. The surrounding and the architecture of a train station makes it a challenge for a good and understandable announcement.

Through qualitative interviews I gained insights into what the passengers experience during their journey. A new sound concept, using auditive icons, aims to create a seamless travel experience and supports the traveller to differentiate the announcements and understand what they intend to communicate.

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