Trust in Technology

In the future we will be putting our trust in new technologies to solve many of today’s problems. What kind of powers will this super-connected community have?

Project Lead | ENSCI Les Ateliers Paris
Client | ENMI Conference, Centre Pompidou
Responsible for | Persona Creation, Concept Creation, Customer Touchpoint Design, Storyboarding, Presentation
Project type | Mid-term project


We predict that by the year 2035 the majority of the population will be carrying some kind of technological device within their own bodies. These technologies are in fact already being used in the form of identification chips, allowing people to start their cars, enter buildings and even pay for things just by using a chip in their arm.

We designed the company ‚Vir-Aid‘… an online open source service and App- Store as well as a ‚Medikit‘ to help people in the future to manage their technology, augment their bodies, and learn to live with these potential technological problems. Fundamentally it is the community that will provide the solutions to these problems by using these tools to develop further cures and solutions on an open source platform to be shared with the technologically enabled community.

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